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Sony Mobile Flasher / Sony Flashtool Latest Update

Apa itu Sony Flashtool

Flashtool adalah S1 flashing software dari Androxyde yang bekerja untuk semua jenis ponsel Sony Xperia dari seri X10 sampai Xperia Z Ultra. Semuanya menggunakan S1 protokol firmware.
Pada awalnya software flashtool ini untuk melakukan flashing file *.sin yang di download dari SEUS maupun PCC / PC Companion kemudian pada perkembanganya file *.sin tersebut di packing sehingga menjadi file FTF (Flash tool firmware).

Kegunaan Flashtool

Beberapa kegunaan atau fungsi dari Sony Flashtool ini antara lain:
  1. Flashing Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware
  2. Root / Unroot Sony Xperia
  3. Remove Lockscreen (Pola, Password / Sandi, FRP(Factory Reset Protection) / Lupa sandi akun Google)
  4. Debranding
  5. Edit Firmware
  6. dll

Change Log
☑ Compatibility with Xperia 1 II
☑ Fixed a regression with usblogparser (infinite parse)
☑ Updated JDK to 14.0.2
☑ Updated eclipse libraries to Eclipse 2020-06
☑ Updated usblogparser to match new verbs found with Xperia 10 II
☑ Compatibility with Xperia 10 II
☑ Updated JDK to 13.0.1
☑ Updated libusb to 1.0.23 for Linux and MacOS
☑ Updated usblogparser to be more accurate
☑ Compatibility with Xperia 5
☑ Updated internal libraries
☑ Support for XZ3 and X1
☑ Updated JDK to JDK 13 and switched to OpenJDK on all platforms
☑ Updated to latest Eclipse platform
☑ FTF created with very old releases of Flashtool are not compatible with the new version.
☑ I've heard flashtool not beeing compatible with old devices
☑ Thats not true. It's just the bundle that is not shown.
☑ As a workaround, extract the bundle content to a folder.
☑ If the bundle contains a boot folder, rename sinb and tab files to sin and ta.
☑ Recreate the bundle with the new Flashtool
☑ Update for XZ2 and XA2 series. For XA2 or XZ2 flashing
☑ You will have to recreate the FTF with the release of Flashtool if you already had a FTF
☑ Updated all libraries to latest version
☑ Updated Java to 10.0.1

Download Sony Flashtool by Androxyde

Latest release (
C4 and C5 users please do not flash using Flashtool. It will brick the device. M5 users please do use FSC when flashing or it will brick your device.

File Name flashtool-
Size 97.30MB
Compatible Windows OS (7, 8, 8.1 dan 10 32&64bit)
Link Download One Drive | Uploaded.to

Older Flashtool version

➠ flashtool- | 97.3MB | Download
➠ flashtool- | 120.2MB | Download
➠ flashtool- | 120.2MB | Download
➠ flashtool- | 224.4MB | Download
➠ flashtool- | 120.87MB | Download

How to Use Sony Flashtool

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