√ Stock Firmware Sony Xperia C S39H

The problems you are solving are flashing new ROMs
☑ Update android version
☑ Fix WiFi problem
☑ Fix Bootloop
☑ Fix hank on the logo
☑ Fix Imei
☑ Fix Camera
☑ Fix storage space
☑ Fix slow device
☑ Fix sensors
☑ Solve the problem of high temperature
☑ Fix applications stop working
☑ Fix restarting the device
☑ Delete pattern or password
☑ Fix hide Imei
☑ Fix baseband unknown
☑ Remove root
☑ wipe data
☑ wipe cache
☑ hard reset
☑ Fix sound problems
Of course, if the problem is software

▢ Download Firmware Sony Xperia C S39H

Devices S39H (Xperia C)
File Name Xperia_C_S39h_4.2.2_16.0.A.0.36_ServiceExchangeUnit.ftf
Size 448.4 MB
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